Shippensburg Area Little League

2020 Fall League


Welcome to the 2020 Fall League with Shippensburg Little League!

Shippensburg Little League is excited to get back on the field with you as coaches, fans and players! Our registration period will be from July 24th to August 14th at 8:00 PM. Our fall season will consist of 8 games played each weekend for 8 weeks (Friday or Saturday). New teams will be formed based on the number of players that register for our fall season! (re-Draft)


Due to COVID-19 we will not be having an in person registration. Our registration will be handled online. If you registered your child for our spring/summer season your information is saved in Sports Engine. Please use the same account that you did in the spring/summer, if you don't remember your account details or are having difficulties registering, please let us know by emailing

Moving on Up!

For our fall 2020 season all players will move up in their division So your players age will be determined by their age for our 2021 spring season!  So our ages will work as below please check the 2021 age chart for any questions!


TeeBall:  4 -  6 (2021 Chart)
Coach Pitch: 7 - 8 (2021 Chart)
Minors: 9 - 10 (2021 Chart)
Majors : 11 - 12 (2021 Chart)
Intermediate: 12 - 13 (2021 Chart)
Juniors: 13 - 15 (2021 Chart)
Seniors: 15 - 16 (2021 Chart)


If you have any questions please let us know!

Open Credits!

If you have a credit on your account from our cancelled spring season, we have emailed you the amount of your credit that is available! Prior to you registering for the fall season please let us know how many players per division  you will be registering and we will create a discount code for you to use! If you have a question regarding a credit to your account please let us know by emailing

2020 Fall Baseball Costs:

Our fall 2020 costs have been stream-lined! Please review the costs below! You can find our age ranges on our website to tell which division your player is eligible for:


Each player will receive a Shippensburg Hat and T-Shirt for the season!


Tee Ball Division: $20.00
Coach Pitch Divisions: $30.00
Minors Division: $50.00
Majors Divisions: $50.00
Intermediate Division: $60.00
Juniors Division: $60.00
Seniors Division: $60.00


Our Minors, Majors, Intermediate, Junior & Seniors Division will travel and our teams will interlock with local little leagues in our district.  Due to a higher level of competition there are some extra costs associated to these upper leagues.


*There is a Credit Card fee of 3.25% + $1.50 per transaction


COVID-19 Restrictions:

Shippensburg Area Little League and District 14 take player safety very seriously! We are finalizing our COVID policies and they will be posted soon! Please see our page below! Due to the risks inherited with COVID19 each participant will have to sign a liability waiver.  These waivers will be provided at the first team practice!


Inquiries to